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Community outreach

Okay, so we realize that talking about outreach sounds a bit worthy, but we are truly passionate about Latin culture in all its diversity. Part of that means showcasing our amazing artists to people who might never choose to go to a Latin event, and it’s also the reason why we send inspiring Latinos into schools to educate children about our amazing cultures and arts.

2016 In 2016 we recruited Fadi, one of the UK’s leading salsa teachers, to teach the children of Coleridge Primary School, in Crouch End, the wonders of salsa dancing for six weeks. At the end of this they were rewarded with a trip to see the Latin musical ‘In the Heights’ written by Lin-Manuel Miranda. To celebrate the centenary of The Copa-America, we organized a schools Futsal mini-Copa America. Eight teams, each representing a Latin American country, participated in the tournament which took place on the ideal wooden flooring of the Hornsey Town Hall. Every time the Latin music played in the background, a goal would count for two! The Mexican and Colombian embassies sponsored two teams by donating football shirts and the Colombian ambassador even visited one of the schools to give an assembly. 2017

Raquel Greenberg

This year Raquel Greenberg, one of the UK’s leading tango teachers, is going into a school for six weeks to teach children the art of tango. Marco Santana, the charismatic batucada leader behind Tribo, will go into another school to nurture a samba group who will perform on the day. And, by popular demand, we are bringing back the Futsal Copa-America, which will take place inside the Hornsey Town Hall on Saturday 17 June. If you would like your school to participate, email

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