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About us



Over 7 years latinolife has developed a reputation for creating unique experiences with quality and diverse artists, taking you on a journey through Salsa, Reggaeton, Samba, Jazz, Fusion, Folk, Funk, Bolero, Tango, Hip-Hop and more, culminating in a party you won't want to leave. 


LATINOLIFE 'IN THE PARK' is the uk's largest Latin music festival.

a festival made by Latinos, for EVERYBODY, it is the only uk festival to be selected as one of europe's 10  'most inclusive festivals'

(published by festspace),  

100% run by latinos, for everyone, LatinoLife in Park is Britain's only latina-produced major park festival. we pride ourselves on discovering and nurturing young homegrown Latin talent, and launching them into the global stage.


This year we will be sprinkling out latin magic all over West London's Walpole Park for what promises to be its best festival yet.


latinolife 'in the park' is a not-for- profit event, organised by Latinolife - the uk's leading latin media, music and events organisation. For 20 years, we have been producing unique and wide-reaching events, media and music, which develops and showcases latino talent in the UK.


in 2023 LatinoLife became the UK's first and only Latina-run National Portfolio Organisation (NPO), joining iconic institutions such as the Royal Shakespeare Company and The Royal Opera House, recognised by the uk government for artistic excellence and funded  to “drive growth in our world leading creative industries.” 

OUR MEDIA INCLUDES Latinolife  magazine, online & in print


LOLAMC (the london latin music conference)

plus great parties every week  

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WHY latinolife in the park?


Every year we invite musicians, bands, dancers and artists to participate in The LUKAS - Europe's only latin entertainment awards  - where the public and expert judges vote for their favourite latin artists of the year. This is how we discover new artists and latinolife in the park is our chance to take  these wonderful new artists to the wider public.


OUR pledge

latinolife  showcases quality Latin culture in all its breadth and depth; the variety, the diversity, the fusion of genres and ethnicities. OUr audience can expect a classically trained Tango orchestra or reggaeton artists of equal high quality.


WE DO: Showcase authentic, diverse, quality expressions of Latin music and dance.

WE DON’T: present clichéd, low-quality, diluted forms of Latin artistic genres (as you might see on strictly )

we DO: Use a criteria based on our lived xperience, knowledge  and understanding of our cultures to judge their quality: OUR public and our expert judges select the artists

WE DON'T: Allow pundits who don’t possess this understanding, to tell us what is cool and what isn’t cool.

WE DO: present our diverse genres to the public within their cultural contexts, allowing their glory and quality to shine

WE DON'T: place our genres out of context, or lump them with other so-called ‘World’ music, so that they are divorced from their roots, diluting their meaning and value.

Supporting hoMegrown latin talent

wE've been nurturing homegrown creativity bursting out of Britain’s UK-Latin community since the early noughties, when we began showcasing young talent at our legendary la bomba clubnights at ministry of sound. we now run an open studio where we provide mentoring and free studio time to young artists, develop talent and produce new music. 

in 2021, we launched candela records, the Uk's first ever label dedicated to urban latin music, in partnership with atlantic records (warner). in AUGUST 21 we gave this unique london-born genre, fusing  uk & latin urban  sounds - grime, reggaeton, afro-beats and more - its  first ever festival stage. the candela stage features exciting collaborations between uk and latin urban artists. the tide has turned and there's no going back!


Tube Ealing Broadway

(Central line, Elizabeth line, District line)

south Ealing (picadilly)

TRAIN: South Western

10 minute walk or a 2 minute taxi drive to the site.

By Bus:  65 & N65, 112 & 226, E1 E9,E10, E2,E7.E8,N7,N11, 207,483,607,E11,N83,N207


Let us kow if you want to participate or have any doubts about any of the events taking place by emailing

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