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Latin Noir – The Political Thrillers of Latin America

Is it any surprise that Latin America has produced some of the world’s best political thrillers? Latin noir has offered an imaginative terrain for questioning the shady practices of government and exposing the machinations and corruption of the police, military and judiciary in day to day life.

Screening of The Clan by Pablo Trapero followed by talk.


The Clan (El Clan) is a 2015 Argentine biographical crime film directed by Pablo Trapero, based on the case of the Puccio family from Buenos Aires, that kidnapped four people -three of whom they murdered- in the 1980s.[7]

Professors Maria Delgado (Central School of Speech and Drama) and Stephen Hart (UCL), editors of the Wiley Blackwell Companion to Latin American Cinema  (with Randal Johnson)  will talk on the subject In the Council Chamber. Free entrance but booking required.

Where: The Council Chamber. Inside Hornsey Town Hall

When: 3Pm to 4:30 PM

A Colombian Community’s Chronicle of War and Peace

With all the focus on the Havana negotiations that sealed Colombia’s quest for peace, it is easy to forget the crucial contribution of Colombia’s rural communities who, despite  suffering massacres at the hands of armed groups seeking to instil fear and submission, refused to succumb to war. Once such community was San José de Apartadó, whose fight to remain neutral became a beacon of light in the dark days of Colombia’s conflict. Gwen Burnyeat, director of the film CHocolate of Peace, about San José talks about this inspiring community.

Gwen will be conversing with Ana Victoria,  an Afro-Colombian biologist who will become, the first female Colombian priest of the Anglican church in July 2017 in St Paul Cathedral. After being kidnapped by armed traffickers while she was working with indigenous communities in far-flung areas of the Choco,she subsequently migrated to the UK 19 years ago. She is a role model, a peace builder and an active member of the Colombian Women Truth, Memory and Reconciliation Commission supported by UK Peacebuilding NGO Conciliation Resources. She is part of The Reconciliation Commission which gathers women who left Colombia in great pain and put them in a safe place. Free entrance but booking required.

Where: The Council Chamber. Inside Hornsey Town Hall

When: 1:15PM to 2:45PM

The Sarayaku: Ecuadorian Amazonians combat climate change

The Sarayaku Kichwa and Huaorani indigenous Amazonian communities in Ecuador are struggling to protect their lives, their cultures, and their territories against illegal loggers and mining as well as international corporations and their own government. Through their direct action, demonstrations and litigation through local and international courts, and their participation at international fora, have succeeded in holding the

attention of the global media to their plight and to their role in preventing the destruction the world’s tropical rainforests, which are essential for our survival and for the preservation of biodiversity.

Linda Etchart - a lecturer in Geography at Kingston University and in Development Studies at University of London – will show a film "Children of the Jaguar "and talk about this amazing community. She is a contributor to Latin American Voices, Latin American Bureau/Practical Action publishing, forthcoming 2017. Free entrance but booking required.

See her recent article at

Where: The Council Chamber. Inside Hornsey Town Hall

When: 12Pm to 1PM

 Brazil post impeachment: 1 year of Temer government

What were real reasons behind President Dilma’s impeachment? Who were the players and what were the allegations? Brazil experts Ali and Jan Rocha discuss the events that began with a political ‘coup’ and led to the current demands for the resignation of the man who replaced her, Michel Temer. The unprecedented events include accusations of corruption, tapped conversations, austerity measures and mass protests. These Latin American Bureau specialists attempt to make sense of it all.

Where: The Council Chamber. Inside Hornsey Town Hall

When: 11Pm to 12PM

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