if you can manage to tear yourself away from the fiesta, or you simply can’t carry on dancing without more fuel…prepare yourselves for some seriously delicious Latin American, SPANISH and WORLD bites. Here are a few of the stalls we’ll have on offer throughout the day.



Ceviche Creativo - Ecuador/Peru


Make your own ceviche with seabass or prawn and choose one of their unique signature marinades (leche de Tigre) as a fresh meal! They'll also be serving delicious cassava fries and sweet fried plantain.



                          Tayrona - Colombia

Colombia’s version of the Full English Breakfast, with a Spanish, Afro-Caribbean, indigenous Latin American twist. It includes steak, pork crackling (chicharrón) and chorizo sausages. Add a fried egg, slices of avocado, and plantain on a bed of rice and beans. Garnish with lime and you have there a full Paisa breakfast, brunch or, frankly, whatever time of day. Veggie options available.


 Orpha Dogs – Venezuela


Venezuelan hot dogs with soft cheese, caramel and grill onions, barbecue, mustard and crowned with crispy bacon. Try ‘La Hawaiana’ with cheddar cheese, shredded beef, coriander mayo, mango chutney and crowned with plantain flakes or ‘El Frances’ with blue cheese sauce, mushrooms, sesame mayo and with crispy potatoes on top. They’ll also have tequeños, tradicional Venezuelan cheese sticks with Maracuyá sauce

Boca Chica– Dominican Republic

Boca Chica’s signature dish is it’s Mofongo - a green plantain base with crispy pork belly. They also produce a vegan option with aubergine, which is delicious. The other dish is the Picapollo; Dominican style fried chicken with patacones and some nice and fresh coriander and sauce.

Ceviche creativo.jpg
Avila London.jpg
orpha dogs.jpg
boca chica.jpg

Guasa– Venezuela

                 Venezuelan arepas and Cassava fries


Mestizo - Mexico

Mexican burritos, quesadillas, nachos, tacos and 3 leches   




T cochinita (1).jpg

Mordiscos – Venezuela

Venezuelan tequeños, mini cachapas, fiesta combo y toscones

mordiscos low.jpg

Hermanos Taco– Mexico

Mexican Tacos

hermanos taco.jpg


Top Tapas– Spain

Paellas and tapas: pulpo a la feira, patatas bravas, gazpacho



Top tapas.jpg

Pinchos & more... – Colombia  

Colombian empanadas and pinchos (skewers) on the grill


Quinoa – Peru

Peruvian quinoa arepas, inka box, super salads

Quinoa Arepa Peruvian Food (1).jpg

 The Asado – Venezuela

Venezuelan burgers and BBQ

asado .jpg

La Pepia – Venezuela

Grilled cheese blanket and chorizo arepas

la pepia.jpg

Original Patacon– Latin Caribbean

Plantain every way possible!

original patacon low.jpg

 You Bao 

Steamed fluffy buns served with signature rainbow rice


Pan Asian street food

fbc15886-c59f-4df8-8124-4b6b68dac232 2.jpg


Japanese fusion


The Cheese Toaster

Cheeses toastier and loaded fries

The Cheese Toaster.jpg

        Toro Pampa - Argentina

             empanadas and steaks sandwiches





Pinoy Eats

Filipino barbecue served with rice or noodles

Sim Sim

Fried falafel or grilled chicken in wrap o box with salad 

Jamaica Mi Crazy

Fresh Jamaican food


Noodle Bar


Authentic Souvlaki

Greek street food: meat or cheese wrap with salad and fries


Wrap mi up

Asian street food flubby vais buns and stir fried noodles



                                      La Gelateria

                                Amazing ice creams                                         

caribbeats desert.jpg

 Caribbeats – Caribbean

 Caribbean fritters with toppings, ice cream and fruit

Authentic Souvlaki

Greek street food: meat or cheese on wrap with salad and fries


                     Coffee Bike

          Colombian coffee and snacks 


                                       Quality Coffee

                       Colombian coffee and snacks                                    


churros sugar sprinkle .jpg

Churros Garcia – Spain


Fresh traditional (and vegan) churros with Valor hot dipping chocolate.  These long donut twirls are a favourite not only in Spain but all over Latin America.

   Cinnamon & Sugar - Brazil

Brazilian churros and coxinhias and south American snacks

Sed Ice reams

Gelato and sorbets with a wide range of flavours



Chilly White

Award winning ice lollies from popsicles tricycle




The Colombian Coffee Company 

Colombian Coffee and snacks


cinamon and sugar.jpg
ice cream.jpg
nfs juices.jpg

                  NFS Juices

          Fresh Coconut water

Global Fusion - Caribbean Creole

Vegan cakes, earthy, handmade with love! Organic and locally sourced ingredients,  salted caramel, double chocolate, smooth Caribbean rum, coconut and raspberry, 



Smiths Slush Bar

Slush puppies


12 noon - 10pm
Finsbury Park, n4 2NQ



Finsbury Park station (victoria piccadilly)

manor house station (piccadilly)


Finsbury Park station

(thames link &great northern)

buses  4 - 19 - 29 - 106 - 153

- 210 - 236 - 253 - 254 - 259

W3 - W7 29 - 141 -   279 - 341

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Let us kow if you want to participate or have any doubts about any of the events taking place by emailing