in case you can manage to tear yourself away from the fiesta, or you simply can’t carrying on dancing without more fuel…prepare yourselves for some seriously deliciously Latin American and Spanish bites. Here are a few of the stalls we’ll have on offer throughout the day.

Churros Garcia – Spain


Fresh traditional (and vegan) churros with Valor hot dipping chocolate.  These long donut twirls are a favourite not only in Spain but all over Latin America.


Ceviche Creativo - Ecuador/Peru


Make your own ceviche with seabas, crab or prawns and choose one of their unique signature marinades (leche de Tigre) as a fresh meal!


                   Avila London - Venezuela

Tasty patacones - a crunchy green plantain ‘sandwich’ (smashed and twice fried) fil1ed with two of four options: pulled pork, beef or chicken and black beans, plus lettuce, tomato, coleslaw cheddar, guacamole and spicy sauce. Or try their arepas grilled and split open and filled with the same. All are gluten free, dairy free with chicken halal, veggie and vegan options.

                Global Fusion - Caribbean Creole


Vegan cakes, earthy and handmade with love! Organic and locally sourced ingredients. Try a wide range from salted caramel, double chocolate, smooth Caribbean rum, coconut and raspberry, and many more!

                 Boca Chica  - Dominican Republic

Boca Chica’s signature dish is it’s Mofongo - a green plantain base with crispy pork belly. They also produce a vegan option with aubergine, which is delicious. The other dish is the Picapollo; Dominican style fried chicken with patacones and some nice and fresh coriander and sauce. 


                              Escocesa – Spain

A classic Oyster Bar from Crouch End and Stoke Newington’s favourite Spanish restaurant, which prides itself on giving the Spanish treatment to fresh Scottish shellfish.

                          Tayrona - Colombia

Colombia’s version of the Full English Breakfast, with a Spanish, Afro-Caribbean, indigenous Latin American twist. It includes steak, pork crackling (chicharrón) and chorizo sausages. Add a fried egg, slices of avocado, and plantain on a bed of rice and beans. Garnish with lime and you have there a full Paisa breakfast, brunch or, frankly, whatever time of day. Veggie options available.


 Pueblito Paisa – Colombia


Representing Seven Sisters’ Pueblito Paisa, the much loved restaurant at the heart of North London’s Latin American community, Marta brings their tried and tested favourites, traditional Colombian tamales, Colombian style roasted beef, gluten free empanadas, buñuelos, pan de bono and more

 The Chorizo Rolls Royce - Spain


We make pimped-up chorizo baguettes! Fresh sourdough baguettes filled with delicious artisanal chorizo, tomato salsa, roast red peppers and onions. Topped with fresh rocket leaves and aioli. Fiesta en la boca!

 Los Pibes - Argentina


Traditional Argentine Empanadas, oven baked in true Andean fashion with fillings of beef, chicken, tomatoes and mozzarella, or ham and cheese. These Argentine pibes also bring you their much-loved Argentine steak sandwiches and chori-pan - Argentine chorizo in a fresh Ciabatta bread, with Rocket salad and Tomatoes and Chimichurri dressing.

 Orpha Dogs – Venezuela


Venezuelan hot dogs with soft cheese, caramel and grill onions, barbecue, mustard and crowned with crispy bacon. Try ‘La Hawaiana’ with cheddar cheese, shredded beef, coriander mayo, mango chutney and crowned with plantain flakes or ‘El Frances’ with blue cheese sauce, mushrooms, sesame mayo and with crispy potatoes on top. They’ll also have tequeños, tradicional Venezuelan cheese sticks with Maracuyá sauce

 Hungry Llama - Peru


Peruvian hearty food with flavors from the Andes to pick from: cooked on the grill, marinated chicken in Peruvian spices, served with a choice of sides: quinoa, grilled vegetables, and more! Chicken wraps, beef anticuchow with grilled potatoes, roast pork with steamed yellow rice and chaufa rice with beef and vegetables.

more food stalls to be announced....

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