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La Clave Bar by

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Having spent the last 18 years distributing Latin beers into the UK Chatica knows something about them. This year they’ve selected three excellent beers; Cerveza Polar from Venezuela, Colombia’s Club Colombia and Pilsener from Ecuador. In addition, they’ll have plenty of Aguardiente and Colombian rum to go around!

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Latin party wouldn’t be the same without a Mojito – the most refreshing of Cuban cocktails, made with Rum, lime, sugar, mint and soda. And this is exactly what our resident barman Pedrito will be preparing at La Clave’s only cocktail bar.



In addition to Mojitos, Pedrito will be making his delicious Watermelon and Cucumber Sangrias

                                      La Mariposa


Especially for La Clave customers, Pedrito has invented a new luscious and revitalizing cocktail, La Mariposa, named after South America’s gorgeous yellow Papilio butterfly,  made with star fruit, chia and yuzu, rum and and other secret ingredients. We tried and tested it on a lazy Sunday afternoon recently, and it’s WOW factor has left us looking forward to 3rd August even more (if that was possible)!




Caleño is a colourful, lively and vibrant tropical non-alcoholic free spirit, on a mission to bring joy to "not drinking". Caleño is inspired by the sunny free-spirit of South America. That means no more pressure to drink, no more hangovers, just fun, sun, salsa and the little things in life that give us that natural buzz and a reason to smile. In 2017, our Ellie, our Founder, decided water and endless glasses of fizzy sugar was seriously outdated and dull. Find our Latin free-spirit at La Clave Festival this August where we will be serving ice cold refreshing Caleño and Tonics. 


                                    The Cane Press


These artisan producers of freshly pressed sugarcane juice, opened its  doors in 2016 as one of the UK's only producers of cold pressed sugarcane juice. Since then it’s been on a mission to bring the exotic taste of the tropics to the streets of London.

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Join us from 12 noon - 9pm
Finsbury Park, n4 2NQ



Finsbury Park station (victoria piccadilly)

manor house station (piccadilly)


Finsbury Park station

(thames link &great northern)

buses  4 - 19 - 29 - 106 - 153

- 210 - 236 - 253 - 254 - 259

- N19 - N29 - N253 - N279 -

W3 - W7 29 - 141 -   279 - 341


Let us kow if you want to participate or have any doubts about any of the events taking place by emailing

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