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"Latino Life is remarkable not only because it is free, but because it is fence-free. IT contributes to social and cultural inclusion BY creatING a sociable, festive park WHICH Supports migrant communities directly, but also indirectly - by linking them to other communities AND widenING access to culture. IT generatES the types of social encounters that CONTRIBUTE TO lowerING societal prejudice. IT DOESN'T commodify otherness or exoticise minority cultures by reducing them to spectacles OR  over-simplify them into a form that is deemed non-threatening and palatable for ‘the white eye.’ AT THE SAME TIME THE FESTIVAL IS WELCOMING to all. We were surprised how many people attended the festival alone, and the capacity to interact with others may have been one of the explanations for this."

IN FEBRUARY 2022, FestSpace, aN Eu-FUNDED research project involving five EUROPEAN cities, selected latinolife as THE ONLY UK EVENT to QUALIFY FOR it's"Inclusive Festival Design Guide" and one of europe's top 10 'best practice festivals'



“Latinolife in the park woke up the haringey community and was an amazing sight to behold. It gave those familiar with Latin America a taste of what they may have missed, and others an experience they will never, ever forget. It brought the park to life. There was something for everyone to enjoy. As the sun set, people reluctantly left.... but with the hope that they will have more, next year.” sarah jones, head of events, haringey council

“the festival has filled a painful void in our community.It brought together people who had been at war with each other previously. Being able to celebrate our culture made us forget our differences and it provided us with an unforgettable opportunity. and What sets it apart is its engagement with and inclusion of young UK 2nd generation latinos”

Mirca Morera, Save Latin Village.

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“I just happened to be walking through the park and it was extraordinary; the vibe was super relaxed, there were things happening everywhere, from elders dancing in their folk costumes, to feathered samba dancers, and then what looked like just improvised groups with a sound system dancing in the middle of the path. People of all ages, shapes and colours! It was crazy...but in the best possible way!” local resident (twitter post)

“It was so good to see this free event with no high walls to keep people out to help promoters make a packet. I was in the park the next morning and everything was cleared up and ready for use.” local resident twitter

”It looked so relaxed, like it had always been here. Finsbury Park is La Clave’s natural home.” local resident on twitter

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“latinolife in the Park is fun, free, family-orientated and with minimal impact on our park - practically a model event. We hope it returns." Clive Carter and Tom Graham, Co-Chairs, The Friends of Finsbury Park 


“a bonafide family day event and the antidote to the Wireless Festival at Finsbury Park" local resident on twitter

“I’ve never been to a free park festival this good, it was completely original, there are not many festivals you can take the kids to whilst enjoying great culture.” festival attendee (via online survey)




"we were bowled over at how great it was. Events of this calibre really contribute to creating a sense of belonging." 2nq, local community group
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“I couldn’t believe it when I saw what was going on. I had no idea about it before. I have lived here for 3 years and have never seen something like this in London. It was something wonderful to see my culture on show. I suddenly felt at home and among friends and that my culture mattered.” Douglas Veloso, Brazilian resident in London

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“I loved the fact that there was a football tournament going on right in the middle of the festival and that didn't semm in any way strange. The kids were super concentrated in their matches, with salsa playing in the background, just as if we were in Latin America." local resident, twitter post

comments from attendees from all over london & SE, interviewed by festspace research group in 2022


"This event is very unique. It's very unusual in that it's all open. You don't have any barriers so the division between the park users and attendees blurs. It's very accessible."

"We live in different parts of London and it's our first time in Finsbury Park. We really enjoy it because it is very open and easy to find."

"The event is very well organised, easy to navigate. Since it is so open and free, the park makes the event very inclusive."

"Thanks to this abundance of options and the openness of the space, the event can make everyone happy. It's family oriented and very welcoming."

"the festival represents all of us, we're the Kurds, Turks, Latinos in Haringey and this is our community. Look, they are Polish, we are from India, that guy is Turkish and we have other people to meet near the main stage”


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Let us kow if you want to participate or have any doubts about any of the events taking place by emailing

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