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2021 LINE UP
latinolife in the park 2021 took place on saturday 21st august at finsbury park, london.
WE BRought YOU Three fantastic stages showing the diversity and quality of Latin music and dance  ⁠


We give the name that made our festival what it is today, la clave, THE FOUNDING BEAT OF AFRO-LATIN MUSIC, to our main stage WHICH IS ALL ABOUT salsa and the big band SOUNDS OF TROPICAL Latin AMERICA! ⁠



What better way to welcome back the return of live Latin music than with  brand new, specially commissioned 16-piece salsa band bringing together the best UK Latin artists of a generation!

This All-Star orchestra features LUKAS award-winning musicians, many of who are stars and bandleaders in their own right, under the direction of the very talented composer, bandleader, and salsero extraordinaire, Cuban-born Rene Alvarez. 🍹The party you won't want to leave starts at 7 PM, be ready to bring the house down with a repertoire of salsa classics! More info on the band members here


Dorance Lorza y su Sexteto Cafe

Colombian bandleader Dorance Lorza is also one of the world’s leading salsa vibraphonists, awarded a special honour from the City of Cali for spreading the heritage of ‘salsa con vibes’ abroad. Lorza had an impressive reputation in Colombia as an arranger, composer and producer before arriving in the UK. Since then he’s recorded 5 excellent albums with his Sexteto Café, won his first LUKAS award in 2014, before going on to win more international awards, and a 2018 LUKAS for Best Tropical Album for ‘Tributo a Cali’


Mariachi Las Adelitas

Named after the brave women who took up arms during the Mexican Revolution, Las Adelitas is Europe's only all-female seven-piece Mariachi band, bringing one of Latin America's longest music traditions to London. These outstanding musicians from Mexico, Cuba, Colombia, Italy and the UK, throw a musical hand-grenade into this traditionally male-dominated genre and count Salma Hayek as one of their growing fans. They have performed for audiences on major US Latino TV channels (Univision and Telemundo) and alongside the Grammy award-winning Mariachi Divas in Los Angeles 2018. Most recently in 2020, Las Adelitas performed at Mexico's Festival Internacional del Mariachi.


                                          Lokkhi Terra

Lokkhi Terra blends the musical traditions that surround its eclectic band members, from Bangladeshi-born charismatic bandleader, pianist, composer, arranger and producer Kishon Khan to Cuban bass extraordinaire Jimmy Martinez. It's sounds travel from Sufi Samba and Baul Blues to Bengali Folk-Son and Bangla Roots Reggae via the legendary London Descargas, all bonded by their combined passion for Cuban music. Their most recent album 'Cubangla' sees the band return to their Bangla-Afro-Latin-Jazz-Roots.


Oi Brasil
'Oi Brasil! is Europe's finest dance company specialised in authentic Brazilian and Cuban entertainment​. With bases in​ London, Rio and Havana, Oi​ Brasil's native and professionally trained performers will transport you to the steamy streets of Latin America & the world of Samba, Salsa & Carnival!, a showcase of the best rhythms and dances of Brazil and Cuba in the heart of London.



TRIBO is an international non-profit Brazilian Batucada. Through the power of music, TRIBO makes each individual feel that they can nurture their own creative life force without having to be musically trained or gifted and develop skills which will enrich their lives. Founded by Marcos Santana in December 2005, TRIBO  has its origins in Morro de São Paulo on the island of Tinharé, Bahia, Brazil, setting up a place for the children of the island to develop their personalities and talents.  


Camilo Menjura and Santiago Jara

One of Latin London’s most loved singer-songwriters and choir master, this two-time LUKAS winner for Musician of Year specialises in Afro-Colombian, Afro-Peruvian and Andean Jazz. Menjura's album 'Loop Exploration' is the result of his adventure with a loop station, the hardware being championed by artists such as Ed Sheeran and Reggie Watts, which he gives the Latino treatment to. Recently, Camilo found a beautiful voice in Santiago Jara, the magical harmony they create together singing boleros and Latin American classics has astounded audiences so much that we just had to put them on the main stage. Sometimes less is more...

ACCOMPANYING YOU ON THE DECKS throughout the day...


Cuban born Joel Verdecia known as DJ Flecha has more than 25 years of experience brging joy through Cuban music. He was part of the Timba boom of the 90s in Havana, participating in multiple concerts at the Palacio De La Salsa, Le Select, La Cecilia, Los Jardines De La Tropical. At the end of the 90s he began to work in the heart of the nightlife of Havana, El Vedado, playing in clubs such as El Karachi, Scherezada, La Red, Amanecer, El Ticoa, until in 2001 he became resident DJ in Havana’s legendary Casa de la Música. Since moving to the UK he’s become Europe’s greatest exponent of Cuban music.



the uk's only festival stage to exclusively feature homegrown urban Latin talent




Angelo Quesini, known as 'Angelo Flow’, is a reggaeton artist born in Valencia, Venezuela, who has made London his home. With his Latino Caribbean swagga and commercial sound, still rooted in club culture, he is set to do big things, with singles, “Que Tu Quieres”, 'Rosa Como Tusi' and “Soy un Santo” already earning him more than 150,000 views on YouTube.


UK-Colombian producer, sound engineer and artist, Dukus has been producing for Charlie Sloth, Yxng Bane, Xo Man, Roadside G's, Eugy and Giggs whose album ‘Landlord’ reaching number 2 on the UK album charts. A classically trained pianist, Dukus also produced the soundtrack for Reg Travis’s film ‘Anti-Social’ in 2015, and achieved success with his singles ‘Me Enamoro’ (with Guerrero) and ‘Talking Spanish’ and his album ‘Lejos de Tí’. In 2020 he released his EP La Magia



This British-born Colombian rapper from South London is a drill artist, whose most recent release 'E Bop' got 114 thousand views on the UK's reputable drill platform Mixtape Madness. Esko’s previous release ‘What's Goody’ secured his reputation on the UK drill scene, where he remains the only bi-lingual drill artist of note. On his own channel sits on 85k views. Definitely one to watch.




Dominican-born Faqundo is a talented EmCee who's been making his name in the Dominican Republic, Spain and now the UK, with his powerful lyrics and musicality. His two albums Rap Core-Nivalismo and Poesías Del Siglo XXI (21st Century Poetry) have been critically acclaimed.


One of London’s most talented male artists, Guala fuses hip hop, reggaeton, grime, and afro-swing. From Ecuador, raised in Tottenham, he is at ease rapping in both Spanish and English, single or double-timing, hip hop or reggaeton. A bit of a “sonero” and a lot of a rapper…rolled into one! His song ‘You’re not there,’ the first ever grime song in Spanish, was played on BBC1 Xtra and has over 47k views on GrimeDaily platform. His song ‘Reggaeton’ accrued over 60k views on YouTube and his single 'Bad Bunny' with Pman and Fluffy was hugely successful with 110K views on You Tube




Born in Venezuela, Fluffy moved to Spain at the age of 4 where he began free-styling on the streets, embracing flamenco sounds, while being trained in opera at school. At 16, Fluffy moved to London where he continued to merge his South American and Spanish sounds with London influences. Self-taught and versatile, Fluffy is able to write and perform music across genres and is one of London’s most prolific and popular Latin Artists.



Dominican José Solano (aka T.A.T.T.O) started singing boleros and salsa at 14, sharing stages with his father Daniel Solano. Practicing his voice through performing, he developed a great versatility and began professionally in 2006 in the Dominican Republic with the duo Tatto & El Full. He achieved success with the remix Calabria Pompa Pompa before moving to London.




Born to the sounds of Grupo Niche and Celia Cruz and raised to Chris Brown and Kali Uchis, Sachellys’ music is Colombia straight outta London. Her debut single ‘Could You Be’ landed her a spot at local Pride Festival in 2019. And ‘Pa Mi’, her latest single, was selected as Trace Urban’s track of the week, and the video aired on sky 364 for a month as part of their top 10 chart show.


Named “the new fierce diva of 2021” by “Hollywood Life”, GAYTIMES, Wonderland Magazine, PopDust, PopWrapped and many more, Brazilian singer-songwriter Bellsavvy has been showing all she’s got on her fiery songs produced by multi-platinum producers like Sky Adams (Doja Cat) and David Lei Brandt (Lady Gaga). Knowing well how to command the stage and combine her Latin roots with her European influences, her first single “Queen Of My Mind” is being played multiple times on the likes of BBC Introducing and RTL. 



Born and raised in London from a Colombian mother and English father, Nicole was already singing when she was 4-years old and, at the age of 12, was discovered by ‘80s pop singer Sinitta, who placed her in a 3-piece girl group, supporting the likes of Jessie J, JLS and Union J, in front of 25,000 people. Much more than a singer, the 23-year-old Oxford graduated masters five languages, and is determined to make music in all of them.



Born and raised in Cuba, PhilipsMan created one of the islan’s most original hiphop outfits Triangulo Oscuro before arriving in the UK in 2007. Ever since, PhilipsMan and Lolo MC have been rocking dance floors all over London performing their fusion of Cuban and urban music in more than 170 gigs including Glastonbury, Big Chill and in clubs and venues around London.




Recently featured on the cover of LatinoLife magazine, Yvli one of the new generation of Colombian-born singer-songwriters. Growing up between Spain, Italy and London on a cocktail of salsa, bachata, flamenco, trap and afrobeats, she has just released her first single 'Suerte' – a reggaetón incorporating all her influences. 




Born into a musical family, with a grandfather who played the Tuba for the Firefighter Brigade Band in the city of Vinces-Ecuador and a father o a singer sells Guitars, Druppyman grew up listening to Vico C, Tego Calderon, and typical  Cumbia, Bolero, Pasillo, before singing at the big reggaeton parties around Quito. His parent never knew he was singing, and after  finishing university, Druppy flew to England to dedicate his time to music. I'm not gonna die without having even tried. A self-taught musician, Druppy has an easy way with rhythm and has been captivating the hearts of fans and audience ever since.


Born in London to Chilean and Colombian parents, from the age of 14 Alesis knew he wanted to be a producer and singer/songwriter and began blending the afrobeats from his peer group with reggaeton bringing fresh 'afrotón flavour. His debut signle “right one” in 2018 accrued 20,000 views on YouTube, which took hism to working in studio sessions with the likes of Stylo G, Aggro Santos. Alesis is geared up and excited to see what the future brings and desires to be a worldwide performer.


ROCE 40 

ROCE 40 is London's most well known Latin collective of urban Latin artists. Founded by P Man, formerly member of London Reggaeton crew BERDC, which won the 2018 LUKAS 2018 for Urban Latin Act. Releasing some of the UK's most sucessful reggaeton tracks such as 'Bad Bunny' with Guala and Fluffy. With the single already reaching #1 on SKY's 366 Trace Latina and set to be one of the hottest club tracks released in the UK in 2020, the Brixton-raised Colombian shows no signs of slowing down.

PLUS on the decks playing the latest global reggaeton hits and old skool hiphop & reggaeton:

* DJs Luigi Sanchez * Cano * Cesar Gamba * Tato * Sean Oliver * Karina * Jhonma


 A space to relax and chill to jazz, folk, flamenco, INDY, tango, fusion and more... 


Malphino are an outer-national, mystical band from an imaginary tropical island that has dreamt up a cinematic score and audio backdrop to their idyll. A promised land of hypnotic cumbia rhythms, subtle digital warbling, accordion textures, voodoo vapours and woodblock charm awaits the off piste explorer willing to step through the arch and Visit Malphino, the debut album from this London based collective of musicians and visual artists.




Guitarist, songwriter, and producer, Miguel Musiq is a new force to be reckoned with on the UK Jazz scene. His production/remixing credits include Usher and Kelly Rowland, now Miguel’s debut album “An Angel’s Healing” finally shows off his dexterous ability and flair on guitar, emotive nuanced songwriting and a clear understanding of modern jazz, bound together with a range of influences from his Mediterranean upbringing. Performing with guest musicians from his new album ahead of its release in June, Miguel Musiq promises a special set combining Mediterranean melodies with Latin American rhythms, Bossa Nova, Afro-Cuban and Jazz.



Starting out as London buskers, this exciting Flamenco guitar duo won The LUKAS Folk/Jazz Act in 2019. Acclaimed Spanish guitarist and composer Tony Calvo's lightning fast and melodic guitar is a perfect match alongside Edina Balczo’s percussive and rhythmic guitar style. The result is a high quality, energetic and passionate sound that has earned them a reputation and popularity leading to major festival performances around Europe.


With her thought-provoking lyrics and unusual vocal style and aesthetic this BRIT school graduate is promising to be one of the UK's most exciting young Latin talents, adding a fresh voice to the UK music scene. Growing up between Colombia and South London, JSCA draws inspiration from both the Latin roots that surrounded her upbringing and the vibrant, fast-paced life in the London she grew up in. Tracks like Hombre Herido pay tribute to her parents generation who came to the UK and through hard work paved the way for this UK-Latin generation to shine. JSCA's debut EP 'Colmena' is out now.


Codigo is the UK’s longest running Bachata bands and the only band creating quality bachata - one of the world's most popular latin genres originating from the Dominican republic - with a London vibe. The band, made up of Andres, Dario and Jose - met in the Air Force military school. They've been performing together since 2013 and have got better with every song.  ‘Su Final’  was produced by wellknown Miami producer Mayinbito (Pitball) and their latest single 'Dejando Huellas' shows just how far the band have come 


Cal Jader is one of the founders of London Latin cultural protagonists Movimientos and co-host of Love Carnival. With his blend of latin beats, uptempo carnival rhythms, tropical funk, and fresh global sounds he is helping to soundtrack London's underground music scene with regular sets across the capital. As DJ, he's played at clubs and festivals as far afield as Mexico City, Beirut, Bogota, Kuala Lumpar, Istanbul, and a 10 date tour all around Brazil in Rio, Salvador, Brasilia and at carnival in Recife. In the UK he's played everywhere from festivals like Bestival and Glastonbury as well as closing WOMAD in Fuerteventura, and has shared stages with the likes of Manu Chao, Bomba Estereo, Novalima, Chancha Via Circuito, Calle 13,  Chico Trujillo, Sonido Gallo Negro and La Yegros.



Bushbby is a British-Colombian DJ-come-producer, who  hostS the bi-monthly ’Candela Viva’ show on Threads Radio and is resident DJ at both FLAWA (Festival of Latin American Women in Arts) and Movimientos club night.
Bushbby’s sets are a celebration of both her Colombian and UK roots – blending the likes of Cumbia, Champeta and Dembow with high-energy electronic beats!



Finsbury Park station (victoria piccadilly)

manor house station (piccadilly)


Finsbury Park station

(thames link &great northern)

buses  4 - 19 - 29 - 106 - 153

- 210 - 236 - 253 - 254 - 259

W3 - W7 29 - 141 -   279

- 341

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Let us kow if you want to participate or have any doubts about any of the events taking place by emailing

Music stops at 9.45pm. If you would like to make a complaint about noise levels at the festival please ring 07563 646 371

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